Urine Sedimentation Analysis
Bence-Jones Protein Dipstick

Bence-Jones Protein Dipstick

A qualatative test for the determination of Bence-Jones Protein in Urine

Single use device for in vitro diagnostic use only

Intended Use
The DiaSys Bence Jones Rapid is indicated for the detection of light chains (free & bound) in human urine. Test kits for kappa, lambda and combination kits are available.

The assay uses competitive immunochemistry in a lateral flow device. When urine is introduced into the Duo tube it flows by capillary action along the device.
At the capture zone the urine is exposed to a coloured capture antibody conjugate, which will complex in the presence of light chains. Independent of a reaction the fluid will continue to migrate to the test zone, where any uncomplexed capture antibody will bind to the membrane, and will be observed as a red line.

Health and Safety Benefits:
  • Dipstick format
  • Kappa and Lambda Strips
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Minimal operator time
Performance Benefits:
  • Reduced processing time
  • Antibody linked specificity
  • High sensitivity
  • All reagents supplied

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